About The Channel

Nothing is more important than our health. We don’t make compromises regarding our health and we would all like to receive the best, most professional health services. Knowledge is the key to that.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge about a certain disease or medical condition we or a family member suffers from provides us with power and improves our ability to cope. The more we know, the better our ability to get the optimal treatment, to get to the best experts, to choose the highly recommended treatment, to better prepare ourselves for the future, and to acquire the tools we need to achieve peace of mind and good health.

Nowadays, people mostly search for information in general and medical information specifically online. Many sites provide medical information on a variety of diseases. The doctors working in the public health system have little time to devote to each patient, and don’t necessarily have enough time to specify such information to us.

The Internet is a precious and valuable tool; but it requires processing massive amounts of information which can sometimes be different, contradictory, unfounded or unproven, and medical terms are complex and hard to understand. Sometimes even answering basic questions requires spending much time reading medical articles and browsing through forums. In most cases, the information we need - at least when first coping with a medical condition - is not very complex. We’re only looking for answers to some basic questions. Normally, that’s all we can comprehend…

This is exactly why we created the “Doctors’ Channel” – to provide objective and reliable medical information, conveyed in concise, simple language anyone can understand. This is a non-profit initiative aimed at making important medical information more friendly and available to the public. The channel provides information on a wide variety of common diseases and medical conditions, information about patients’ rights in the Israeli medical system and additional vital information, together with subtitles in several languages – directly from the experts.

Many experts and professionals took part in the creation of this channel. We designed it to provide a unique user experience for those searching medical information online. Over 100 (!) leading senior doctors from 20 (!) hospitals and medical centers all across Israel participate in the channel voluntarily, so that we can receive from them directly the most vital information regarding our condition, and to provide us with answers to the burning questions we have while dealing with a sometimes challenging situation.
The information in the channel is vital and useful, that is, answers the questions the doctors are frequently asked. It is extra available and accessible, since in most cases it’s easier to watch a video than to read long, complicated texts, and since YouTube is available on any smart TV, computer, tablet or smartphone, and also since the videos are translated and include subtitles in several languages. It’s reliable and objective since it contains no commercial content and since leading expert doctors volunteer to participate in the channel. It’s easy to understand since complicated medical terms are replaced with simple words, and the information is conveyed in a friendly and pleasant manner. And it’s also focused and concise, so that you can understand the subject without listening to loads of information you don’t find important. But it’s detailed enough to understand exactly what you’re looking for.

We recommend you review our Guidance for channel viewing and hope you enjoy the viewing and be in good health.

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About the initiative

Israel’s leading healthcare experts join forces for the first time in one channel, enabling the public to receive reliable and objective1 preliminary medical information2 about common diseases and a variety of medical conditions, patients’ rights in the Israeli medical system and additional vital information.

The YouTube Doctors’ Channel is not a commercial initiative. It is a non-profit initiative, based on volunteer senior doctors in hospitals and medical centers in Israel, aimed at providing important information to the public in a friendly and accessible manner, and, for the first time, in several languages.

This project of social and corporate responsibility3 is the result of a unique cooperation4 between the global AbbVie biopharmaceutical company, the Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel and 20 leading Israel hospitals and medical centers and is supported by additional bodies5 and is Abbvie's service to the public without its involvement in professional content.

Prof. Menachem Fainaro6 a Board Member and Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Society for Patients’ Rights manages and supervises the project with care. The project is presented to you by leading media professionals: Ran Reznick, a senior health correspondent and commentator, Noga Nir Neeman, a senior news and consumerism correspondent, TV broadcaster and editor and Shira Felix, a journalist and TV host. Over 100 (!) expert and leading doctors volunteered to participate in the project.

Recognition and achievements:
Awarded first place as the 'Best Social Media Platform for 2016' - DC Awards, Quadriga University, Berlin.

Awarded first place as the 'Most Valuable Pharma Collaboration of 2017' and also commended for it's considerable contribution to healthcare as the 'Most Valuable Patient Initiative of 2017' - #EyeforPharma conference, Barcelona.

[1] This information does not intend to replace specific medical advice.
[2] To make sure the information is extensive, reliable and does not contain commercial content, it is conveyed by volunteer expert doctors. This information reflects their private opinions, expertise and professional experience.
[3] This is not a commercial initiative and is fully voluntary (except for payment to professionals, producers and media specialists).
[4] The YouTube Doctors’ Channel is a non-profit project aimed at increasing the availability of information to the good of the public. The project is sponsored and fully financed by AbbVie; AbbVie Biopharm Ltd., and produced in cooperation with other bodies as presented in this page. AbbVie used to be represented in Israel by Abbott Medical Laboratories until 01.10.2013.
Transparency and ethics: the entire project, including the content presented in the channel, is supervised by the Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel and is subject to the Society’s instructions.
[5] Supporters/sponsors of the channel: TEDMED Live Jerusalem Center 2014, BWell healthcare site, Fusion Medical & Scientific Animation; Supporters: Google and YouTube.
[6] Menachem Fainaro is a retired professor, formerly member and Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Tel Aviv University. In the part, he has held the positions of Chairman of the Government Healthcare Basket Committee, Chairman of the Israel Society of Internal Medicine, and Health Unit Manager for Maccabi HMO. He had also served as Manager of the Internal Medicine Ward in Beilinson Hospital for over 20 years. Today, he serves as a Board Member of the Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel.