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Welcome to the Doctors’ Channel (hereinafter, the “Channel”). The contents presented in this Channel, which include the opinions presented in the Channel’s videos and the videos on the Channel are meant to increase availability and provision of general information only, and do not constitute medical advice, diagnosis or an alternative to medical treatment or advice; therefore, if you wish to be diagnosed or receive treatment or if you have specific questions regarding your situation or certain treatments you should refer to a doctor or other healthcare professional only.

The opinions and information presented in the Channel’s videos do not reflect the opinion of the Channel’s operators: AbbVie Biopharm Ltd. (hereinafter, “AbbVie”) and the Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel (together, the “Channel Operators”) or other partners taking part in the project; rather, they reflect the opinions of the participants at the time the videos were produced.

The Channel Operators have made their best efforts to ensure that the content presented in the Channel is valid, up-to-date and highly accurate. However, they cannot guarantee the content is free of mistakes, errors, defects, and therefore they will not be held liable regarding the aforesaid; you alone shall be responsible for using the Channel and its content.

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Using the Channel subject to these Term of Use does not grant you, anyone on your behalf or any third party whatsoever any license or right to any of AbbVie’s or the Society for Patients’ Rights in Israel’s intellectual property rights, whether registered (patents, trademarks, etc.) or unregistered (copyrights, trade secret, etc.).

Copying, downloading, publishing, presenting or modifying the content appearing in the Channel is strictly forbidden. The content may be used for personal viewing only and is not meant for commercial purposes and using it is subject to adherence to these Terms of Use and to honoring and protecting all intellectual property rights, copyrights and every other right of the Channel and its content. Unauthorized use of the Channel’s trademarks or any other content constitutes a violation of copyrights and might damage the Channel Operators’ trademarks and other property rights. The Channel Operators will use any legal means at their disposal pursuant to any applicable law in order to fully and strictly protect their rights.

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The Channel Operators may shut down the Channel, change its structure, look or availability of the content and services provided therein, from time to time without prior notice. You shall have no claim, demand or argument towards the Channel Operators in that matter.

The laws of the State of Israel alone shall be applicable when using the Channel. The competent courts of the city of Tel Aviv alone will have sole jurisdiction over any matter regarding the use of the Channel.

Last update: 16/03/2017

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